O.C. Reedy Associates, Inc. provides environmental consulting services for individuals, builders, and developers. Our practice began in April 2003, and our owner is a licensed professional soil scientist and geologist with numerous years of experience interpreting complex soil and water conditions for a diverse client base.

Our soil is a living, dynamic body consisting of mineral and organic solids, liquids, and gases occurring on the Earth’s surface.  Our soil is characterized as having distinct horizons that are discernible from the geologic parent, resultant from various energy influences.  Soils perform numerous functions making it an essential life resource.  It is the biologically active zone of the Earth’s crust where our lithosphere and atmosphere coalesce with water and light energy to produce a medium suitable to support plant growth for humans and animals.

Soil regulates rain water conversion to infiltration, runoff, and storage.  As such, this regulation affects transmission of potentially compromising compounds in our environment by capturing and treating contaminants.  Soil also provides a mechanism to decompose waste produced from the human endeavor.  It is not only a cast for development, it serves as the cornerstone of our existence.  Proper interpretation and use of our soil is essential and critical.

As our population expands increasing pressures are placed on the ecological resources necessary for sustaining life.  O.C. Reedy Associates, Inc. (ORA) possesses the technical expertise and leadership requisite for meeting and negotiating the challenges we encounter as we exist within our environment.