Your project site may possess characteristics not conducive to development.

As a landowner, land buyer, builder, developer, or investor, you want to know if the land will support a proposed development. You need the best information possible prior to beginning site development activities so that situations detrimental to your project can be avoided or strategized. O.C. Reedy Associates, Inc. can provide scientific information about the property you are considering to purchase or develop before costly mistakes are made.

A Preliminary Site Development Feasibility Study May Include:

A letter report is provided to our clients upon completion of a site reconnaissance visit and a historical aerial photographic investigation. The report includes all site features observed as they relate to regulatory statutes outlined in Chapters 64E-6 and 62-340 in the Florida Administrative Code. This investigation will be completed by a registered professional soil scientist.

Typical Information Provided in a Feasibility Study:

● Location and approximate extent of onsite wetlands;
● Options for permitting potential wetland impacts;
● Potential for occurrence/habitation of onsite listed species;
● Depth to the seasonal high water table;
● Optimal septic system drainfield location;
● Septic system drainfield depth relative to current grade;
● Septic system size relative to the proposed development;
● Proposed soil amendments to ensure proper septic system functionality.
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