Disturbed lands, particularly those lands where the disturbances results from draining, dredging, or filling activities are becoming more common. An essential component in habitat or ecosystem restoration is the proper identification of the sediments on which the alteration has occurred. ORA’s expertise in forensic soil mapping aids us in determining the limits of disturbed or destroyed ecosystems which benefits our clients in land acquisition decision making as well as permitting and mitigation processes. Typical forensic soil mapping procedures include:

  • Photo-interpretation using historical aerial imagery of subject lands.
  • Onsite soil classification (to the Series level) utilizing various investigative techniques (i.e., backhoe excavation, auger boring, etc.).
  • Production of high intensity soil surveys of disturbed subject lands depicting soil map units indigenous to specific habitats and ecosystems.
  • Coupling forensic soil mapping with other data sources to reconstruct disturbed or altered lands with an elevated level of precision.