Our soil scientists and engineers design septic systems tailored to meet your site-specific land use criteria.  Our experience and knowlege of Florida and Georgia’s permitting requirements enables us to accurately identify potential obstacles associated with installation of an onsite sewage treatment and disposal system.  If obstacles exist we will develop solutions to ensure your project will progress toward completion in the most efficient and cost-effective fashion possible.  All provided solutions are in accordance with Chapter 64E-6 Florida Administrative Code.  These services can be applied to commercial and residential projects for new construction and repair applications.

We design multiple septic system types depending on project/land use requrements.  Typical systems include: conventional in-ground and mounded systems, aerobic treatment units, drip irrigation systems, and low pressure distribution systems.


We have experienced hundreds of sites in which developmental issues have been present.  In some cases onsite hardships (such as a setback issue, sewage flow issue, or space requirement) exist and a variance from that hardship must be sought.  Our team has been very successful at developing solutions to overcome a wide variety of hardships.  We will develop a variance strategy, design an alternative septic system (if required), prepare the variance application for you, and provide representation before the variance board.