Your project site may contain subsurface environments not conducive to successful project completion.

Unsuitable or unstable subsurface environments are not uncommon.  High organic materials (i.e., muck), shrink-swell clays, and buried debris are very dynamic and become unstable when loads are applied.  This in turn may compromise building foundation integrity resulting in substantial financial loss.  The presence of unsuitable soil horizons may also exist on your site that may cause you to redesign an onsite sewage treatment and disposal system.  Our soil scientist will complete this investigation, identifying any unsuitable materials, and strategize remediation techniques to ensure successful project execution.

  • Buried debris can ruin your project.
  • High organic material (i.e., muck) can cause foundations to crack.
  • Soil horizons affect usability.

O.C. Reedy Associates, Inc. has experience identifying unsuitable subsurface environments while allowing project progression.  This investigation will be completed by a registered professional soil scientist.  Please contact O.C. Reedy Associates, Inc. to discuss your particular subsurface investigative needs.